EVOLUTION SALT: Coconut Sole Bath Soap, 4.5 oz


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Evolution Salt's solé soap is a one-of-a-kind bath soap made with solé solution in place of water. Solé solution is a 26% solution made from saturating water with Himalayan salt crystals. This gives Solé Soap the benefits of 84 raw trace minerals, which hydrate and balance the pH of our skin on a cellular level. Solé also carries the resonant frequency of 7.14, which is the same as in our body. Nourish and harmonize your body with Evolution Salt's Solé Soap. This soap is handmade with passion, love and deep intention inspired by the elements of the earth using only organic & sustainably harvested oils. These oils incorporate the many benefits of Himalayan Salt with its 84 trace minerals. Paraben and Dye Free. No Animal Testing.